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ARE develops, finances, builds, and operates medium and large-scale renewable energy projects, that use the most advanced and cost-efficient onshore wind, solar, energy storage and hybrid technologies. 

ARE is an independent renewable power producer (IPP) that has the vison of being a leading contributor to the energy transition and a sustainable future.

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Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth. Our planet continuously receives 173,000 TW of solar energy. That is more than 10,000 times the world’s total energy consumption.

As means of energy generation, solar has the lowest impact on the environment and the lowest score of CO2 emissions. It has hence become one of the most widely used forms of renewable energy generation in the world. Paired with its cost competitiveness, and continuous technology price decline, solar is also the fastest growing RE generation technology.

ARE believes that in the coming decades, solar energy will power the world, and therefore considers photovoltaics as the core technology of focus.

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In countries where solar resource is less abundant, wind power is the core technology for the energy transition. In many others, solar and wind energy generation complement each other, as they can be harnessed at different times of the day, or during different seasons.

Similar to technology cost reduction in solar, the development of bigger and more efficient wind turbines as well as the development of the offshore wind technology allowed for a dramatic decrease in wind electricity generation cost and opened new areas for the profitable deployment of this technology.

ARE is engaged in the deployment of onshore wind energy.

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ESS & Hybrid Plants

With the high-paced deployment of new RE capacity, it has become apparent that energy storage is a critical piece of the energy transition as it allows to stabilize the electricity grid and hence assures the continuous increase of RE penetration.

Significant R&D efforts, and mass-production of this group of technologies, has generated significant cost reductions in recent years. These are expected to accelerate further in the near future, comparable to the technology cost reduction in the photovoltaics sector.

Either on a stand-alone basis, or as part of a hybrid project with wind and/or solar generation plants, ARE deploys ESS solutions in its core markets of focus.