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Altaaqa Renewable Energy (ARE) is an Altaaqa Alternative Solutions company, a fully owned subsidiary of Zahid Group. ​

Zahid Group has long been committed to social and environmental sustainability across its diverse businesses. In recent years, the Group has built its own renewables activity, founding, and investing in various companies in the renewables sector. These are comprised in the Group´s Energy Sector.

In 2020, Zahid Group created a vehicle fully dedicated to the deployment of utility scale sustainable energy solutions, Altaaqa Renewable Energy (ARE).  

ARE operates globally, out of its Dubai office, and has regional offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For almost a century, the world has experienced exponential population growth, and steady increase in average global living standards. To support this growth in a sustainable way, substantial amounts of affordable, clean energy is required. At the same time, climate change is calling for an exit from conventional energy production using fossil fuels. This is causing unprecedented challenges – how to combine growth, which allows an ever-growing population to live a better life, with environmental protection. 

Fortunately, today the world has the technology and tools to address these challenges in an economical way. Sustainable electrification of the economy provides the answer to this conundrum, as it has the potential to eliminate one of the main causes of man-made global warming. 

ARE is founded on Zahid Group’s values, with social and environmental sustainability as core pillars. As a company, we are committed to being a frontrunner in contributing to the energy transition, by deploying the most cost-competitive solutions that will enable an economically sound energy transition, at the same time bringing development to the local communities where we operate.

Our Vision:

Become a leading contributor to the world’s energy transition

Our Mission:

Power the world with sustainable and affordable energy by developing and investing in the most cost-efficient and innovative sustainable energy projects

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